Corporate objective
As a globally active company for electronics development, machine and plant engineering, we offer customized solutions for instrumentation and control engineering.
Our goal is to provide our clients with with excellent quality and performance. We aim for longterm business relations
with our clients.
Aside from new projects we naturally also offer renovation, modernisation and expansion of existing facilities and equipment.
Due to the structure of our company we can offer you attractive terms.
We will gladly offer you a solution tailored to your specific problem, based on your needs.
You can always reach out to us through our contact form or send us an e-mail

Our qualified team of engineers, which distinguishes itself through excellent expertise and a great capability to work under pressure, allows us to complete even extensive jobs on schedule.

For several years now, we have been working with reliable partners to complete assembly and construction work on large switching systems.

Corporate Development

1996 Founding of the "Schröcker & Lindinger GbR":
The "Schröcker & Lindinger GbR", in short IBSL, was founded in 1996 by co-directors Bernhard Schröcker and Michael Lindinger.
The initial headquarters of the company was in Kronwinkl, Eching.

2002 Move to new premises
Due to steady growth, the Kronwinkl office soon became too small. Because of that we moved to a new office at
Flurstraße 6, Buch in Erlbach in late 2002.

2006 Foundng of the engineering partner "Schröcker & Lindinger SL Engineering"
In 2006 the company "Schröcker & Lindinger SL Engineering" was founded, which exclusively deals with engineering services.
The commercial part, including assemblies and installations, is still handled by IBSL.
IBSL is also still the general contractor and forwards its engineering services to the "Schröcker & Lindinger SL Engineering",
in short SL-Engineering".
The co-directors of "SL-Engineering" are also Mister Bernhard Schröcker and Mister Michael Lindinger.

2017 Relocation to the new company building "Am Schulfang 3".
IBSL and the engineering partner "SL Engineering" moved to a new office space on the 27th of October 2017.
On over 800m² of office and production space, we are now able to better provide our clients with our services.
A dedicated FAT room allows for undisturbed "factory acceptance tests" with our clients without affecting other parts
of the company.


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