Creating a customized application for the acquisition of control components

Creation of a software specification sheet. Creation of database relations and implementation of a SQL server database.
Programming of a graphical interface with interchangable language settings for logging of control system data. Creation of analysis tools. Implementation on a serverfarm owned by the client.

Realizing an application for control of analysis devices in the gas industry

Conceptual harware design for coupling several online analysis devices and gas chromatographs with a control unit.
Programming of a PC based software (VB.NET) for control of the entire analyis cycle and recording of measured values, including gas chromatograph results. Creation of a report tool to provide output of the measured values. Implementation of an error calculation as proof of measure inaccuracy based on error propagation calculations.
Installation and commissioning of the entire facility at the clients location.

Creating a data collection solution for boiler plants

Realisation of a solution for process value recording for boiler houses via industrial ethernet. Creation of required databases (SQL Server) and realisation of a graphical user interface based on VB.NET. Implementation of harware and software and concept on client system.

Company-wide process data acquisition with SAP interface

Configuration of a company-wide process data acquisition solution for long term retention using an Aspen InfoPlus.21 database.
Programming of an administration and reporting tool for monthly analysis of production data.
Realisation of an SAP interface for transfer of production data to the accounting department.

Key features:
- 125 facilities with about 125,000 signals
- Sampling interval: 5 sec.
- 24/7 maintenance contract