Constant Current Source KSQ-1000 is suitable for driving 5mA constant current into spare analog inputs (4-20mA) from DCS or PLC systems to avoid a diagnostic fault below 4mA. (wirebreak)

Supply voltage of the KSQ-1000 is 24Volt into the terminals +24V and GND. One KSQ-1000 Channel can drive a maximum of 8 analog DCS inputs. This device has 4 channels.

Outputs must be connected to the terminals CH1+/CH1- to CH4+/CH4-.

The analog inputs of the DCS system must be equipped with a 4-20mA/4-20mA signal converter.

The constant current source is responsible to drive always 5 mA into the DCS input, undependent from the amount of DCS input channels. If you will reuse an analog input later, you can take out this input and reconnect the others in a serial way. The current through the analog inputs is still 5mA.

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